Welcome to Rohwer Elementary School



Monday 24th 1. Cheese Pizza 2. Turkey Kidzable Tuesday 25th 1. Chicken Patty Sandwich 2. Fruit Parfait Wednesday 26th 1. Chicken Nugget 2. Ham Kidzable...
Tuesday 1/18/22 1 Cheese Pizza (Was Cheese Quesadilla) 2 Pop tart Fruit Parfait
Monday 17th NO SCHOOL Tuesday 18th 1. Cheese Quesadilla 2. Pop Tart Fruit Parfait Wednesday 19th 1. Chicken Nugget 2. Turkey and Cheese Sandwich Thursday...
Mission Statement

The mission of Rohwer Elementary School is to guarantee a world-class education where each student develops and applies superior academic and life skills necessary to maximize individual excellence through:

  • A safe, respectful, inclusive, and nurturing environment fostering responsible citizenship.
  • Effective and diverse practices and opportunities that challenge and engage each student.
  • Collaboration among the entire Rohwer Community capitalizing on its unique strengths.