Welcome to Rohwer Elementary School


LIBRARY CHECKOUT NEXT WEEK!! Since we have only 2 days next week, we only have library checkout on Monday and Tuesday. Below is which classroom...
Friday (12/16) 1. Chicken Patty 2. Burrito 3. Bagel Kidzable Monday (12/19) 1. Lasagna Roll-Up 2. Cheese Pizza 3. Bagel Kidzable Tuesday (12/20) 1. Corndog...
Monday 12/5 1. Popcorn Chicken with dinner roll 2. Cheesy French bread pizza (was cheese pizza) 3. Turkey and Cheese Wrap 4. Bagel Kidzable
Mission Statement

Rohwer Elementary School guarantees a world-class education where each student demonstrates the social, emotional, and academic skills necessary for college and career success.  Our highly engaged staff ensures:

  • A safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment that cultivates integrity and responsible citizenship
  • Effective, innovative, and diverse practices that challenge and engage each student
  • Collaboration among the entire Rohwer Community leveraging our unique strengths.