Welcome to Rohwer Elementary School


Lunch Menu- May 16-20 Monday 5/16 1 Cheese Pizza (rectangle slices) 2 Protein Kidzable (Egg, Sunbutter. Scooby Sticks) Tuesday 5/17 1 Breaded Chicken Sandwich 2...
Lunch Menu- May 2-6 Monday 2nd 1 Chicken Drumstick 2 Pepperoni Pizza Kidzable (Cold) Tuesday 3rd 1 Cheeseburger 2 Strawberry Parfait (Cold) Wednesday 4th 1...
Lunch Menu- April 25-29 Monday 4/25 1 Hamburger 2 Cheese Pizza (Triangle) 3 Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich Tuesday 4/26 1 Chicken Taquito 2 Fruit Parfait...
Mission Statement

The mission of Rohwer Elementary School is to guarantee a world-class education where each student develops and applies superior academic and life skills necessary to maximize individual excellence through:

  • A safe, respectful, inclusive, and nurturing environment fostering responsible citizenship.
  • Effective and diverse practices and opportunities that challenge and engage each student.
  • Collaboration among the entire Rohwer Community capitalizing on its unique strengths.