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At all Millard West home sporting events, all elementary students must be accompanied by an adult to gain entrance into the event. They will also...
Friday (September 10, 2021) Lunch Change 1-Grilled Cheese 2-Chicken nugget (was the popcorn chicken bowl) 3-Crispy Chicken wrap
The lunch program is making some changes and starting tomorrow, 3 choices will be available for school lunch. The remainder of this week's choices are...
Mission Statement

The mission of Rohwer Elementary School is to guarantee a world-class education where each student develops and applies superior academic and life skills necessary to maximize individual excellence through:

  • A safe, respectful, inclusive, and nurturing environment fostering responsible citizenship.
  • Effective and diverse practices and opportunities that challenge and engage each student.
  • Collaboration among the entire Rohwer Community capitalizing on its unique strengths.