Rohwer Elementary is one of twenty- five elementary schools in Millard.  It services kids in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. It opened in the fall of 1999.

Rohwer Elementary was named after Herman Rohwer.  Herman Rohwer was born August 4, 1906, and lived on what is now the Boys Town Farm on 132nd and Pacific, which was homesteaded by his grandfather.  He was a common man who learned at an early age the virtues of hard work on the farm.

By 1942, Herman had married and moved to a farm west of Millard at 164th and Q Street.  It was farming that he enjoyed most and he understood the importance of conservation.  He had one of the first farms in Douglas County to have terraces and waterways.

By the 1950s, Herman had two sons who attended school in a one-room schoolhouse at 168th and Q.  This led to his becoming a school board member, a term that would last over 15 years to 1968.  In 1955, Herman shared a vision that a larger school district could offer far more services and better education despite doubling the the tax levy for rural areas.  He helped lead the conservation.  In 1969, he was awarded a Lifetime Membership to the Nebraska PTA and in 1986, he was elected into the Millard Hall of Fame.

Herman was an avid sportsman, fan, and Millard sports booster enjoying events up until his death.  Herman was a kind and gentle man who served and loved his community.  He considered the public school systems  the most important service that society could provide for youth. He was a common man with vision and values

School Hours

Monday- 8:30 - 3:30

Tuesday- 8:30- 3:30

Wednesday 8:30 - 2:30 

Thursday 8:30-3:30

Friday- 8:30-3:30